What our clients are saying about Helifox

Childrens Alliance of South Texas

Helping to help others

Childrens Alliance Center of South Texas is one of our favorite customers and a happy one as well.  Helifox Voice provides CAST with a redundant and simple unified communications solution that enables them to communicate within their multiple offices, within multiple cities, while maintaining control of their operating telco expenditures.  By the way, if you want to help, please click in the button below!

Mexican Cultural Institue San Antonio

A main destination for SA's visitors

As one of the main cultural and touristic destinations in San Antonio's Hemisfair Park.  The institute needed a solution that would enable them to manage incoming calls from all over the world and increasing their internet bandwith speeds to keep up.  Helifox Technologies delivered a complete suite that exceeded thes requirements, on time and below budget. 

Animal Crossing Veterinary Hospital

Keeping pets healthy

ACVH delivers quality  to family's pets over a large area in south Texas and needed a solution that not only provided telephony service but that allowed their clients to reach out to them at all times.  Helifox Voice implemented a UCC system that enabled ACVH with new tools such as IVR, autoattendant, chat and mobility so that no Pet is ever without his caring veterinary care.

City of Crystal City

Savings and Security

City of Crystal City, the spinach capital of the world, has lowered their telco costs over 50% with faster speeds, a more secure communications system while improving collaboration in its operations.

You can say Popeye is happy with Helifox!

Brush Country Dental

Smiling with our UC

Brush Country Dental keeps Texas smiles healthy end looking great!  Our Unified Communications solution, enhanced by our redundant telecom SIP trunking services, provides abundant reasons to make our clients smiling as well.    

Helifox Technologies' enhances Brush Country's operators to manage their calls and messaging through our powerful Auto-attendant, assisted by a well designed messaging system that allows a fluid interaction between patients and their dentists.

Mexican Consulate General San Antonio

A communication bridge between our countries

Located in historic site in the beautiful city of San Antonio, the Mexican Consulate General needed to upgrade their communications system and enable their remote offices to communicate securely and effectively when traveling.

Helifox provided a solution that included voice and data communications for both branch and mobile operations without disruption and at the same time, reducing their operating costs by almost 40%.