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Executive-level consulting to get the most from your IT investment

Everywhere the business owner  looks on the web, they can find someone promoting a new technology they say will revolutionize your business.

It’s hard to know what to do with all of these new options.

What’s best? What will work for my business? Is it cost effective?

But the biggest question remains: How do I integrate and secure whatever tech options I choose for my digital
transformation efforts?

That’s where a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) comes into play.

In a large business, a CIO is part of the C-suite―running the IT department, providing the tech side of the answer for executive-level questions and go-forward considerations.

But smaller companies often suffer in IT sourcing, implementing, securing, and budgeting because they can’t afford another full-time executive to deliver high-level IT advice.

By providing you access to our vCIO service, you can take advantage of IT experience that is only otherwise available with a full-time, C-suite IT executive.

How does a vCIO help?

  • Cybersecurity strategy

  • Digital transformation strategy

  • IT project management

  • Business continuity strategy

  • IT budgeting advice and/or management

  • Alignment of tech with processes and people

  • Advice on new tech purchases





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