Inconcert Allegro

Optimize your contact center

Technology with built-in knowledge.

The inConcert Allegro Contact Center suite of software is specifically designed so organizations can optimize their remote contact with customers, no matter what channel they choose. Advanced functionality incorporates profound business knowledge with the goal of aligning contact center operations with the industry’s best practices. inConcert Allegro Contact Center’s customized solutions reduce operating costs and maximize productivity while providing an excellent user experience.

All on one platform.

One word describes the inConcert Contact Center Allegro platform: comprehensive. With the additional advantage that all of the platform’s functional components have been developed by just one company, including inbound and outbound voice, CTI, dialer, IVR, recording, quality, monitoring, reports, and messaging, among others. The result is a uniform criteria for the development and evolution of inConcert’s tools. Technology silos are gone, along with technology gaps and failures.

Integrated and automated business processes and systems.

inConcert Allegro Contact Center delivers an advanced middleware-and-workflow combined platform that models and simplifies the most complex business processes, integrating them with your contact center and the rest of your business operations at all levels: communications, data, systems and processes.

The same technology, on the cloud or on your premises.

The decision to locate your contact center technology on the cloud, or on your business premises depends on many factors. They include the cost and quality of data connections, local telephone regulations, how comfortable you feel having your data in the cloud, and whether you have your own IT personnel, among others. In any case, you can deploy inConcert Allegro Contact Center with the assurance and peace of mind of knowing that you use the same product whether it’s at your location or in the cloud. That means you’re free to migrate between your data center and ours, or use both at the same time, with the same interfaces, functionalities and reports. The bottom line? Total transparency for all your operations.

inConcert Allegro Contact Center
functional modules.

All in One Platform


Stay ahead of the competition. Reduce operating costs by permitting your customers to contact you on their preferred channel.
  • Optimize your agents’ time.
  • Maximize multichannel usage.
  • 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Unified multichannel configuration.


Increase your contact center's productivity and provide your customers with an excellent experience, intelligently distributing interactions to the best qualified agent in every case.
  • Blended universal multimedia distribution queue.
  • Freedom to place agents in any location, worldwide.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • Easy configuration with advanced customization.
  • Native IVR Integration.
  • Full integration with systems, business processes and CRMs.
  • Powerful reports and supervision tools .


Give your customers the power to skip hold times with automated voice processes that integrate with your systems and provide 24/7 customer service while reducing your operating costs.
  • More profits and better customer experience.
  • Applications flexibility and variety.
  • Native integration with inConcert Allegro ACD.
  • Speech technologies.
  • Simple IVR applications design and modification.
  • Integration with data, applications and business processes.
  • Added-value information.

Speech Technologies

Reduce service costs and give your customers a superior experience with text to speech, automatic speech recognition and voice biometrics.
  • Self-service options for customers made simple.
  • Automatic Speech Recognition.
  • Text-to-Speech technology.
  • Voice Biometrics.


Boost the profitability of your outbound operation. Access more contacts in less time. Reduce call abandon rates and increase your contact list penetration.
  • Multiple dialing modes: predictive, progressive and preview.
  • Call progress analysis, answering machine detection.
  • Multiple blended campaigns and automatically prioritized lists.
  • Dynamic list management and updating.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Unified campaign management.
  • Integration with front-end applications, forms and scripts.
  • Advanced management of dialer rules.
  • Automatic messaging.
  • Information and analysis.


Communicate with thousands of contacts using a highly efficient tool to rapidly send voice messages, SMS, and personalized emails at the lowest cost possible.
  • Automatic message broadcasting.
  • Messages as personalized as you need.
  • Press-one campaigns.
  • Real-time contact management tool.
  • Simple IVR applications design and modification.
  • Integration with your Contact Center and IVR.
  • Messaging from the cloud.

CRM Connectors

SAP, Salesforce and Sugar connectors ensure a tight integration of your customer data and communications functionality on a single desktop window.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with the leading CRM applications on the market.
  • Complete contact center functionality within your CRM.
  • Single sign-on.

Integration and automation

Boost your contact center operations integrating your data and business applications and streamlining your business processes.
  • A new approach on integrating processes, systems and people.
  • Tie your contact center to your business.
  • Simplify and automate business processes for a better experience.


Expand agents' productivity, increase sales and resolve interactions with real-time integration of your data and contact center communications.
  • Synchronize data and telephony.
  • Integrate with the leading CRM software on the market.
  • Integrate via API.
  • Integrate with applications and call scripting.
  • Integrate with the IVR system.


Empower supervisors with a versatile web interface that monitors all of your agents’ activities in real time.
  • Get ahead of problems by controlling your operation in real time.
  • Make sure agents meet KPIs.
  • Deploy operational changes in real time.


One advantage of inConcert’s all-in-one suite of applications is that you can perform management functions from a single interface that is easy to use, avoiding duplication of effort.
  • Complete management capabilities from a single tool.
  • Multiple users and multi-channel campaigns.
  • Outbound campaigns.
  • Virtual Contact Centers.


Turn your contact center operators into real super agents by giving them the information and control to process every interaction more efficiently.
  • Clean, organized agent desktop.
  • Universal multi-channel interaction queue.
  • Intelligent interaction controls .
  • Freedom to locate agents wherever you want.
  • Full integration with your business applications.


Using a web interface, access a complete and up-to-date history of your contact center’s operations, giving you power to make intelligent decisions.
  • Manage your operations with reliable information.
  • Deploy analysis that improves productivity.
  • Business intelligence integrated into your contact center.
  • Generate reports and alerts and send them via email.


Build a registry of all agent-customer communications, transactions and agreements with a complete integrated multi-channel voice and screen recording solution.
  • Recording integrated with your system.
  • Multichannel recording.
  • Simple, unified management via the web.
  • Integration with quality application.


Assess agents’ performance and discover how to improve the quality of your operations by auditing and scoring voice and screen recordings.
  • Total call visibility: audio and video.
  • Quality control audit planning tool.
  • Configurable templates and skills.
  • Advanced rating tools.
  • Information and analysis.


Broad and deep view of your contact center operation coupled with the necessary controls to make changes in real time in a single tool.
  • Detect opportunities for improving your operations.
  • Monitor at a granular level.
  • Configure alarms.
  • Access panoramic and customizable views of your operations.

Web Applications Design

Design everything from management scripts to complex business applications integrating your data and processes with an easy-to-use advanced web tool.
  • Custom management applications.
  • Multiple application consolidation.
  • Native integration with inConcert Allegro Contact Center.
  • Call scripting.
  • In-house application development.
  • Integration with your business processes and systems.

IVR Design

Increase your autonomy and reduce both the costs and time required to develop your own IVR applications, using a potent and versatile web-based design interface.
  • Simple IVR application design.
  • You can create or modify your own applications.
  • Changes in real time without stopping the system.
  • Training and services.
  • Access to sophisticated IVR functionalities.