Smart City

Automation, monitoring and analytics.

Optimize your city's opertion with comprehensive applications and solutions.


Utilities, Water and Wastewater

Supplying essential water, gas and electric resources, power and utility companies require high-capacity redundant networks to ensure continuous operations. From substation failover and reclosure management to distribution and lift station monitoring, Red Lion’s industrial automation and networking solutions reliably monitor and control assets to provide optimal performance across power and utility applications.

Water and Wastewater

Red Lion solutions for water and wastewater are rugged and reliable, built to withstand harsh environments. Highly integrated, innovative features are designed to meet the changing demands of the market. Red Lion solves all your water problems inside septic tanks, water softeners and hardwater treatment systems more efficiently than ever before.
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Overall process improvement
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Decrease costs
  • Free up your staff
  • Create less waste
  • Enjoy better access to data

Remote Sites

Red Lion’s Sixnet IndustrialPro routers offer high-speed, secure wireless TCP/IP connectivity to remote devices. Working with Elster collector units in the field, the compact routers provide real-time access to data, which enables Black Hills to proactively manage and monitor electricity usage. The end result:
  • Simplifies deployment with web-based monitoring and management > Provides ease of use through remote configuration
  • Offers reliability with fast additional AMI backhaul
  • Delivers infrastructure security via built-in firewall 


Networking and Automation

Transportation systems rely on information, which is why many highway authorities, railways, municipalities and other organizations are working with Red Lion to ensure data and operations keep moving. Understanding market requirements, we design and deliver reliable industrial networking and automation products that are at the heart of many successful railway, subway, tunnel monitoring, traffic management and transportation systems.